Saturday, January 2, 2010

DuClaw in Fells Point Closes...WOW.

Well I just heard that DuClaw at Fells Point is closing..Wow.

The last time i went out that way, it had been afew years since I had ventured out and wandered those cobblestone streets.However, this time I wasn't alone and in fact including me and my present girlfriend was my at the time 2yr old daughter who after a jaunt around the block in her stroller decided it was time to go play in the fluffy grass right outside DuClaw. As onlookers and beer drinkers watched my daughter put on a free show- me and her skipping and making weird walking movements ala Monty Python, together through the grass causing my girlfriend to laugh, I noticed that this was actually pretty cool-what they had done to revitalize this area of Fells Point,which forever and a day had always looked like a heap of garbage and was an exclusive eyesore, had been changed into a beautiful new area to play and romp in! How or why DuClaw is closing, I really don't know-they made and had a great spot for outside dining and fun but I guess some good things are never nurtured well enough to be great. Well hopefully that spot comes available very soon.

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