Thursday, August 5, 2010

DogfishHead's 120 minis not on the all

Well to all of those who were hoping to have a bottle of the next batch of 120min from Dogfish Head this month, well here's the bad news: it ain't happening. The brewers had doubts about the new batch and you know the rule "when in doubt,throw it out"....

here's an excerpt from their blog,with a lil more detail..

"With regards to the most recent batch of 120 Minute IPA, I am sorry to say that dozens of passionate people at Dogfish got out voted by millions of yeast cells and this batch will not be released. This batch came in a bit under attenuated and got dinged on our sensory panel for dislocated flavors.

Each and every batch of beer we brew at Dogfish Head goes through over 40 Quality Control check points and while this batch passed many of these check points we decided with the results of the final sensory panel, days before packaging, that we dont feel this batch of 120 Minute IPA is up to par.

We know that 120 Minute sells at a premium price and we know expectations for this beer are, and should be, high. It is brewed with over 30 times the volume of hops and over 7 times the volume of malt per barrel than your average light lager. It is aged for over 5 times as long as the average ale. So this is a really expensive beer to make. And a really expensive beer to lose.

That said,we are more interested in preserving our long-term reputation for quality than we are pacifying short term frustrations with not getting this batch out on a certain timeline. We are sorry and we hope you understand and support our decision.

We are confident we will have a great batch of 120 Minute IPA out before the end of the year."

Cheers - sam
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