Thursday, December 6, 2012

On the rebound.....Trying to stay in the restaurant game...

Okay..okay...I'm back.. With the advent of social media,and its expansion thru all of these new devices especally Iphones,blackberries,that new Samsung S3,its been hard to stay afoot of everything as well as update this blog.. Blog on facebook,rant on some other site,and then try to connect it all-oh oh so hard..especially when the Droid phone i had went kaput and then had to downgrade to something cheaper like a cricket blackberry...ugh..its like dial-up for a cell phone. At some point,some time ago everything was on the up n up but i had to drop out of the scene for awhile,had akid to raise,then up until a year ago i started working again-now two restaurants-and at two bars..A family restaurant during the day that specializes in all sorts of sangrias,teas(non-alcoholic and alcoholic),and other traditional cocktails-they gave me a nametag with "mixologist" on it..HA! Now that's funny..The other is at night,5 nights a week,where I actually am a "mixologist" as well as a Sommelier to customers. At that restaurant we have a good amont of wine as well as bottled microbrews and lambics.Been there almost 2 yrs now and its a good gig..

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Nice to see you posting again!


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