New beers,spirits and wine...

Hey guys and gals, its been awhile and we've been busy beavers up at the store, trying to keep up with all the new stores in the area as well as with all the new product that's out there now...So a little update on the scheme of things,and a little heads up on all the new product as well as some reviews on whats in and whats on the out..


Vodkas are still blowin up especially with the advent of "vodka-fusion parties" being the next "wine party",and with that in mind vodkas such as Svedka,Sobieski and Fris-all relatively priced between $22.00 and $18.00 for a 1.75liter, have been rolling off the shelves...

Pinnacle Vodka, has been in the forefront of this movement especially on the flavor side of things,having introduced 2 new flavors in the last 2 months: Cotton Candy(a personal fav of mine, tried it with Hawian Punch Limeberry from the good ol' Walmart down the street, tasty but better by itself) and Whipped Cream(customers have commented that its literally "whipped cream" but in vodka form-goes great with any Irish Cream or better yet regular Root Beer, to get that "root beer float") which though I haven't had it yet, has been moving more and more every day because of great word of mouth..also at $12.99 per 750ml its a better quality,and better deal than Smirnoff..

[A good mix: Pinnacle Whipped Cream,RumChata (a Chai Cream Rum) over rocks, stir,drizzle Godiva Cappochino Liquor over top,then dash Cinnammon..hmmmm.yummy!!]

Some other new vodkas: BAKON, is a Bacon flavored vodka-which surprisingly was made organically, has more of a sweet smoked bacon flavor that is perfect for a Dirty Martini or Bloody Mary,and quite smooth and buttery..TASTES JUST LIKE SWEET BACON OUT THE OVEN!!

Also from Stolichnya, their new Pomegrante and recently they released Gran Applik-their version of an apple vodka..Both are decent and great with soda but nothing that hasn't been done before-though if given the choice between these and Smirnoff-I'd take Stoli..Nuff said.

[A good mix: Pama liquor,Stoli Pomegrante, a dash of Cranberry and Sour,SHAKE, then top with Sprite.BAM!!]

RUM, and Other Sweet Liquers

Rums have been picking up since the weather around here has been heatin up,and everyone around here is gearing for Ocean City,"senior week" and other beaches in the surrounding areas..
Still big favorites are Captain Morgan,especially since they released their Long Island Iced Tea and 100 proof spiced rum some months ago, and Cruzan, trying to make a comeback by remaking their design and bringing back their BlackStrap Spiced Rum, which has been in high demand around here especially with all the newbies to the scene..

Other new characters are: RumChata- a rum based Chai Cream that makes me forget there ever was a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts!! Very delicious and very addictive..
Also just in: Belle de Brillet- a liquer that makes any PearTini tops!! This Brillet Cognac is infused with the essence of more than 20 pounds of pears to produce each 750mL bottle...Awesome and Brillant,as well as very enticing, for those who want more out of their PearTini or are huge fans of St.Germain,then this is up your alley.