Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mixology 101: the mojito. Who said you had to muddle it? lol

So I'm back and spring is right around the corner,well actually if you look outside its still Winter with the 7inches of snow outside, but to my world of beer,wine and liquor,this is the springtime for such companies..Already Sam Adams and other microbreweries have their spring or late winter beers out,as well as liquor companies are pushing their next spring and even pumping up summer drinks in some areas..However no matter where you are or who you are with,one of your friends will ask for a Mojito which of course spawns many more cause well it sounds cool and you feel cool when you drink one and hopefully the bartender doesn't hate you already,he may make the best mojitos you and your friends have ever had. Now some of you will of course want to make your own or try different ways of creating your own however like any drink,the simpler is better.Some of the vids below are perfect and not so perfect examples..


Then there's this guy's mojito below..jesus how many limes do you need? Also he obviously doesn't measure but hey-he's at home,you do what you want but just remember if you are doing this drink for friends,you may want to class it up a bit and not look like a farmer squeezing milk from a cow..Also if you are going to muddle,do it in a small shaker tin or wide cup,or buy a muddling set(you might as well, there are other drinks to muddle as well) it's fairly cheap,you can almost find one in any second hand store or goodwill shop. The reason I say this,as a mixologist I've had to improvise many a time with glasses of all sorts and well it didn't always work in my favor. So before you break your favourite pint glass from that microbrewery,you might look at getting something thicker to muddle your drink...Seriously I felt this guy was sure to break that Collins glass! Lol..

 Then we have this lil lady's mojito below....okay but it still needs to be shaken or stirred well prior to adding soda. Simple syrup..- I detest that stuff,a true mojito should use pure sugar cane,like the raw sugar cane you see in coffee shops.. However,simple syrup can be used.. Also I use .25 of Bacardi in the muddling process,to give that Cachaca flavor that mojitos down south have..Why not use Cachaca rum Vic? Well unfortunately not every liquor store carries the rum, it's still fairly new to these shores in recent years but not as strong as a heavyweight like Bacardi. But instead to finish the drink,I use Bacardi Limon- it brings out the flavors of the lime and mint more,acts as the glue between the ingredients,adding more of a refreshing drink.


 As you saw above,chicky forgot but played it off... This last video below has more info and "Derek" does a great job of explaining the whys of making this drink. However,it's annoying to see him add lime juice as appose to real limes,which is better because when you muddle this drink,you want the lime zest as well and not only just the juice,also just the juice can make your drink more sour and tart..


 Well there you have it, watch the vids,and make your own...once you get the hang of it,you can add your choice of fruit like mangos,strawberries,blackberries,blueberries or if able the elusive Acai berry..

I hope you gleaned something new and informative from this, also just so you know,before heading to your fave bar and torturing the new bartender,just remember "Derek" lied when he said this was his favorite drink!!
Til next time, CHEERS!

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